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The Ride In

The Ride In

Do you enjoy your ride to work? Do you have a favorite radio station you listen to or a favorite coffee spot you frequent on the ride in? Maybe a favorite lunch spot if you work the afternoon? Most of us that work at Scott Lake enjoy our ride to work, we think (or like to think) that it has a lot to do with where we work. We get to hang out with golfers all day, doing something they love provided by us. We have all heard the phrase, “If you love your job, you never work a day in your life.” While it is cliché, we think it is true most of the time.

The bummer about the ride to work is that the ride to and from has gotten significantly more expensive. Inflation rates are rising at a rate higher than they have in the past 40 years, making forecasting and planning a tough task for any business operator. Including coffee shops, grocery stores, and golf courses.

Scott Lake is proud to employ over 75 team members in peak season. We strive to be a facility that is never short on customer service. We have over 116 golf carts and over 50 mowers and pieces of equipment that all run on diesel or gasoline. We also have over 260 acres that require fertilizer and chemicals. The same bag of fertilizer last year has increased in price by over 50%.

With all these prices increases across the board, it is no shock the golf industry has had to make some adjustments along the way also. We don’t want these changes to hinder our mission and purpose, and that is to provide a better golfing experience to our customers. So, while prices are increasing amongst inflation, so will the number of smiles you receive at Scott Lake.  We look forward to seeing you in what we hope is your best-golfing summer!