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Scott Lake Tour

It might be bragging rights at the next family reunion, a trophy from the annual company outing, or just a cold beverage at the end of a round, but golf is sometimes best played under competitive stakes.  Scott Lake has injected the Grand Rapids golf market with a fun and competitive series of tournaments called the Scott Lake Tour.  The Tour offers different formats throughout the calendar year ranging from one person scrambles to four and five person scrambles with unique formats to a traditional six person scramble where every person can contribute.  As an added bonus, the Tour has a year long competition called the 'Dash for the Stash' where golfers can earn a piece of $2,500.  Prizes are also awarded for each tournament in the form of gift cards that are mailed to our winners.  Don’t worry about your score either as every team has the chance to be a winner by hitting one of our specially designated pay off spots.  Join our golf event community this year and get those competitive juices flowing. 

Dash for the Stash

Extra excitement for the Tour season is provided by the $2,500 Scott Lake Stash.  The tour commissioner will award players who have participated in six events or more a portion of the Scott Lake Stash at the end of the season in October.  The Stash is awarded in the form of a gift card that will be mailed to all the players.  Check out the Tour dates below so you aren’t left at the starting line in the Dash for the Stash. 
Tee off times are available 2 weeks ahead of each event but are subject to adjustment. DAtes might also change.

2017 Tour Dates  Complete List by Clicking Here

April 22nd - Saturday  "Rusty Open" - 4 Person Scramble 

May 13th - Saturday " Spring Big Cup "  4-Person Scramble

June 3rd - Saturday "BSA" Bestball, Scramble, Alternate Shot  4-Person Event

June 11th - Sunday”The Wheel”  27 Hole—4-Person Scramble - Results

July 1st & 2nd - Saturday and Sunday "Holiday 2-Person 2 Day Event"

July 9th - Sunday "5-Player Mashup" 5 Player Team Event

August 6th - Sunday  "Twisted 9-9-9 Event" 4 Person Team

Aug. 20th - Sunday  "Red/White/Blue/Gold" 3-Player Team Scramble

Sept. 2nd - Saturday  "One Person" Scramble

Sept. 24th - Sunday  "Ollie Hoag Hacker Classic" with steak dinner 4-Person Scramble

Sept. 30th - Saturday "6 Person Scramble"  NEW DATE

Oct. 8th - Sunday  "Kathy French" 4 Person Scramble (Need at least one woman on a team)

Oct. 14th -  Saturday  "Fall Big Cup" - 4 Person Scramble

Oct. 21st - Saturday  "Chili Extravaganza"  4 Person Modified Scramble

Oct. 28th -  Saturday  "Shot Maker Par 3 Shootout" - 4 Person Scramble


If you play in 6 of the events or more you share in the Scott Lake Tour Stash, a $2,500 prize pool earned by playing in the events.